TYFOXIT® F15–50 are non-toxic, high-performance, glycol-free, potassium-formate-based heat transfer fluids with very low viscosities for chiller systems with secondary cooling. They are available as ready-to-use mixtures ranging from –15°C (TYFOXIT® F15) to –50°C (TYFOXIT® F50).




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Technical information and safety datasheets on all the products in multiple languages are located in our download section.


  • Based on TYFOXIT®, enhanced TYFOXIT® F refrigerants offer even better viscosity characteristics. As a result, they provide high refrigeration performance and lower energy costs for existing systems as well as the ability to dimension smaller components when planning new systems.
  • The long-life corrosion protection provided by TYFOXIT® F refrigerants includes all the materials typically used in chiller construction including steel, stainless steel, iron, brass, copper, red brass, bronze, and aluminum.


  • 5-litre PE jug
  • 10-litre PE jug
  • 15-litre PE jug
  • 20-litre PE jug
  • 25-litre PE jug
  • 30-litre PE jug


  • 60-litre PE drum
  • 200-litre steel or PE drum
  • 1,000-litre container (IBC)

  • Tank trucks
    (20–24 tons)


  • Ready-to-fill –15°C (=F15) to –50°C (=F50)