REINHARTIN® is a high-performance cooling brine based on the food additives calcium chloride and magnesium chloride. Depending on the mixing ratio, blends of the product with water allow to achieve cooling limits down to -50 °C. REINHARTIN® is used in ice machines and cooling and refrigerating systems. It can be supplied as a concentrate or a pre-mixed, ready-to-use product.



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  • REINHARTIN® is a colourless to light yellow, odourless, non-toxic liquid
  • REINHARTIN® is based on the food additives calcium chloride and magnesium chloride
  • REINHARTIN® is solely intended for application below 0 °C
  • The production of REINHARTIN® is based on the principles of modern chemical processes with the addition of corrosion inhibitors, stabilizers, and buffers
  • REINHARTIN® is used for cooling systems that mainly consist of non-alloyed steel


  • 10-litre PE jug
  • 20-litre PE jug
  • 30-litre PE jug


  • 60-litre PE drum
  • 200-litre steel or PE drum
  • 1,000-litre container (IBC)

  • Tank trucks
    (20–24 tons)


  • Concentrate
  • Ready-to-fill