Intelligent logistics

We make our TYFOCOR® and TYFOXIT® products at our production facility in Magdeburg. It’s a location that gives us a unique logistics advantage: a private railway siding for railway tank cars with excellent connections to regional and long-distance transportation infrastructure as well as Magdeburg’s harbor, the largest inland port in central Germany.



In addition, we have state-of-the-art production and storage capacity available here. Agitator tanks ranging from 1 to 25 m³ in capacity, nine fully automatic and semi-automatic filling and labelling systems for drums and containers, two filling stations for filling and unloading tank trucks, and over 5,000 m² of storage space in addition to numerous storage tanks for raw materials and finished goods.

Of course all of our products comply with EC regulation 1907/2006, known as the “REACH” regulation (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals).


Certified quality

We adhere to the strictest quality and environmental standards during production. These measures demonstrate our commitment to sustainability and environmental protection. We have also had our environmental management certified in accordance with ISO 14001:2015. What’s more, we work according to the DIN ISO 9001:2015 quality standard. And HAERTOL, which shares the same owner as TYFO, is certified as an automobile supplier in accordance with ISO/TS 16949:2016.

You can download additional major international certifications for our products here:

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    Approval of TYFOCOR® L for use as a heat transfer fluid in solar thermal systems and geothermal heat pump systems. Country: Belgium
    pdf_download TYFOCOR® L (French)
    pdf_download TYFOCOR® L (Dutch)


    Approval of TYFOCOR® LS® / G-LS for use as a heat transfer fluid in solar thermal systems. Country: Belgium
    pdf_download TYFOCOR® LS® (French)
    pdf_download TYFOCOR® LS® (Dutch)
    pdf_download TYFOCOR® G-LS (French)
    pdf_download TYFOCOR® G-LS (Dutch)


    Approval of TYFOCOR® L / LS® / G-LS / HTL for use as a heat transfer fluid in solar thermal systems, geothermal heat pump systems, and other systems for hot water, heating, and heating process water. Country: France
    pdf_download TYFOCOR® L
    pdf_download TYFOCOR® LS®
    pdf_download TYFOCOR® G-LS
    pdf_download TYFOCOR® HTL


    Approval of TYFOCOR® L / HTL for use as antifreeze / heat transfer fluid in solar thermal systems and for general food and beverage industry uses including drinking water applications. Country: The Netherlands
    pdf_download TYFOCOR® L / HTL