TYFOCOR - antifreeze, frost and corrosion protection, brine for heat pump systems heat transfer fluid,
frost protection of TYFOCOR / water mixtures



Frostschutz von TYFOCOR / Wassermischungen

Frostschutz von

TYFOCOR provides long-term antifreeze and corrosion protection for HVAC systems, brine for heat pump systems, heat transfer fluid, nitrite free.

Product properties

Tyfocor® is a clear, colourless liquid with a faint odour and is based on ethylene glycol.

Tyfocor® is miscible with water in all proportions. Its mixtures with water protect against frost at temperatures down to -50 °C, depending on their concentration, and lengthen the life of the installations that they protect.

Mixtures of Tyfocor® and water do not separate.

The corrosion inhibitors contained in Tyfocor® allow the metals normally used in heating, refrigeration and mixing installations to be reliably protected for long periods against corrosion, ageing and fouling.

Tyfocor® has excellent stability at high temperatures and prevents the formation of harmful deposits on hot metal surfaces (at temperatures of up to 200 °C) at watt densities as high as about 40 W/cm2. It thus helps to avoid overheating at heat-transfer surfaces and the formation of deposits in the circuit.

Tyfocor® does not contain any nitrites, phosphates or amines.

TYFOCOR® is a registered trademark of TYFOROP Chemie GmbH.

Package size:

  • 5L* non-returnable PE can
  • 10L non-returnable PE can
  • 15L* non-returnable PE can
  • 20L non-returnable PE can
  • 25L* non-returnable PE can
  • 30L non-returnable PE can
  • 60L non-returnable PE can
  • 200L non-returnable PE drum
  • 1.000L non-returnable / returnable IBC
  • Road tanker 22.000L

* uncommonly used container sizes


  • According to customer specification (usually colourless)

Delivery form:

  • Concentrate
  • ready-to-use
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